Day 2: Test Your Ideas


Today is not the day to go slowly or think about things.  This is a day of action!  Ready?  Good, go!

You’re going to make a test video or two for each idea.  Just turn on your webcam or camcorder (don’t worry about quality yet), and do it!  Go, go, go!

Now the boring part: you get to edit and format your clips for the web.  You can use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie or whatever came free with your operating system.  If you don’t know how to use it, don’t ask me: use The Google.  YouTube is also extremely helpful.

While your videos are compressing (it takes forever) go make a gmail account for your best idea and sign it up for an account at Clips4Sale.  Yes, you have to give them your real info and your social security number.  No, they aren’t going to stalk you or steal your identity.

Now upload your videos, if they’re done, and if your store doesn’t go live right away call the support number.  The support number is one of the best things about Clips4Sale.  Use it frequently.

Gosh, this was a long day, huh?  Don’t worry, tomorrow is all about relaxing and thinking again.

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