Day 4: Make Your Website


Isn’t this exciting?  Hopefully you have some notes already for your bio and video promotional text.


1 – Register your domain name.  I use NameCheap, both because it’s cheap and because it offers free WhoIs protection (that is, it hides your name from your customers for free).  You can use any domain registrar though, just make sure you hide your information.

2 – Now you need hosting, and you need to use DreamHost.  Not that DreamHost is perfect, but as far as I can tell they are the ONLY site that allows you to sell individual videos (rather than site memberships) without taking 30+% of your money.  Yes, you have to bring your own customers.  We’ll get to that.

3 – Install WordPress.  DreamHost makes it easy – once you’re signed in to your admin panel go to this url and click on WordPress.  The rest is pretty automatic.

4 – Now you get to make your site!  First content: you’ll probably want an About Me page, a page for listing videos, and you definitely need a blog.  Keep it simple for now.

5 – Aesthetics are so important, and there can be a big learning curve.  You’ll want to find a WordPress theme you like.  You’re probably going to want to make (or pay someone to make) a custom header for your site and a blinky and static banner to use for advertising.  I’m a big fan of paying people to do this stuff for you – while you’re paying them to spend 2 hours doing what would take you 10, you can make 5 or 6 videos that will make you much more than you just paid them.  I like Lighting Allie for webwhore stuff.

6 – Don’t forget to write a few blog posts, then go to FeedBurner and set up your RSS feed.  Put something on your blog and/or sidebar and/or front page encouraging people to sign up with their email addresses.  That way when you blog about the new video you just made your subscribers will get an email.

Yay, you have a website!  Now it’s time for the rest of the infrastructure.

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